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About me

my strengths

IHaving an overview of a situation and finding solutions in a relatively short period of time is my original strength. Working through the problem in a structured and innovative way and distinguishing the important from the unimportant is part of my work. 

I also offer this to you when working with me. My credo is that every problem already contains the  solution, this also applies to health issues.

My way

I have always been interested in the world that cannot be captured in facts and figures. I have taken every opportunity to learn and apply skills that are exceptional. Reiki, Silva Mind, hypnosis (e.g. das Simpson Protocol and Yager Code), Shamanic Training, Remote Viewing   and Palmtherapy are just a few examples.

By "coincidence" (calling Stephan Möritz - when calling, my life's work) I found out about my life's work. I have the unusual gift of clearing energetic viruses. At first I was surprised by his statement, but also pleased at the same time. Why not, I thought, I'm just pretending that what he said is true. After a few hundred participants, I can say today, yes, he's right, something unusual is happening with my customers. Something positive that no one before me has   done in this form.

My special skills

I am the man with the x-ray vision for energies. My experience with many Clients have found that many problems arise from energies. I can remove this on the level of the body and also on the level of the psyche. Once these are removed, the body can activate its self-healing powers, which had previously fought a hopeless battle against invisible forces. As a result, miracles are allowed to happen and have already happened many times. For the sufferer, the vigorous treatment is completely devoid of any negative side effects. Everything happens mentally without touch, the most effective is prayer, which removes the energies no matter where they are. 

restart your life!

Cornelius van Lessen Wunderheiler Energetiker
Energetische Heilung nach dem Cornelius van Lessen System
Cornelius van Lessen Energetiker Wunderheiler


Buch Lebensaufgaben Cornelius van Lessen

Rarely was the subject'Life purpose' and 'Meaning of life'as popular as today. In this book, twelve people tell in a cheerful and exciting way how they found their purpose in life. They report what happened to them along the way and where they are right now. This book is an encourager, an enlightener, a fear taker and a motivator for all those who are looking for the meaning of their lives. Many people start out in a traditional, tangible profession. What was easy to do at the beginning and started with joy is becoming more difficult and tedious for some people. Growing exhaustion and the first signs of burn-out or mid-life crisis are being noticed more and more. That is normal. This is our wake up call. This is exactly how we are all made aware that the first stage of our career is coming to an end and that something new is still waiting in our lives. This is what our life purpose calls us to do.


The stories in this book provide a small insight into typical tasks in life. For example, the architect Karin Kemmerling reports on her path to 'room vibration hygiene'. Cornelius van Lessen subjects your body to a 'subtle virus scan' and raises the question: 'Is burnout just a virus?'. 

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