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Who is it for?
energetic healing?

Emotional Complaints

Physical Ailments

Before the energetic healing, you should be treated by a competent doctor. Treatment by a healer does not replace a doctor and it cannot be used to make a diagnosis. If you choose energetic healing, it is extremely important to continue treatment with your doctor. The doctor can determine improvements in the state of health on the basis of scientific parameters. Any medication you may be taking must not be changed without consulting your doctor. Energetic healing is not permitted for people who have not previously received conventional medical treatment and continue to do so afterwards. The doctor has the responsibility and should keep it. 

Although conventional medicine and the media like to claim that if conventional medicine can no longer help, nobody can help, this is of course not true. From my own experience I can report on many successful energetic treatments, also and especially for people who have had their therapy exhausted. Why and how it works and that it is inexplicable doesn't matter, it's the effect that counts. However, we have a case law that sets a narrow framework in which healers are allowed to move. The legislator assumes that it is ineffective and does not want conventional treatment to be disrupted. Compliance with the legal regulations is the guarantee for me to be able to work energetically undisturbed. 

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