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Feel it, touch it, move it

The medicine of the 21st century: 
Turn pain into energy!

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Energetic Healing

Energetic healing is the medicine of the future. 


In my vision, doctors and healers work hand in hand. However, this change does not happen overnight. One thing is clear, the possibilities of energetic healing are the key the world has been waiting for.

Why energetic healing?

Many problems that ultimately manifest themselves as pain or mental problems are of an energetic nature. That is to say, conventional treatment with drugs and a scalpel is like trying to catch a mouse with air.

Cornelius van Lessen will help you activate your self-healing powers!

Customers worldwide are delighted!

Glückliche Frau

Sabine Emge

I appreciate his professional work, his unique technique for recognizing blockages, removing them bit by bit from your own personal energy field and thus. to activate the self-healing powers.

Aktiver älterer Mann

S. Gerhardt

With his warm nature, it is very easy to build a relationship of trust and to get involved in his treatment. He recognizes the problem very quickly and solves it just as quickly.

Frau auf Balkon


The contents of the training blocks were conveyed lovingly, in great detail and in a comprehensible manner. The mutual practical exercises were brought to the participants with a lot of heart and empathy.

Thousands of customers worldwide from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, USA, New Zealand, Australia, etc. are convinced of energetic healing.

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