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Testimonial from a customer

Hello, my dears,


this time I want to tell you something about my experiences with Cornelius van Lessen. I first heard about him from Stephan Möritz's book, which was recommended to me by Sigwart Zeidler. Cornelius had healing hands even as a child, but then got involved in the grain trade and, by a number of coincidences, was led to Stephan, who told him his life's work was "subtle virus scanner".


In Stephen's book


and on the homepage of Cornelius I was able to learn some wonderful things about Cornelius, his gifts and his successes in strengthening the self-healing powers.


Since I've been plagued by migraines since I was two years old, I booked a treatment appointment with Cornelius in Spenge (just outside Hanover). But nothing came of it because Cornelius was in Switzerland. However, he offered me treatment over the phone. Since I now know that such long-distance healing works regardless of distance (even from Spenge to the Andromeda galaxy), I agreed and eagerly awaited the treatment.


Cornelius greeted me warmly, listened briefly to my story of suffering and then quickly got to work. In doing so, he first removed energies that do not belong in my body:


1. The Eiffel Tower with a lid on it. First the lid was on, then he removed the Eiffel Tower. We couldn't establish a connection to my visit to the Eiffel Tower, but afterwards I felt a warm flow of energy through my feet and calves.


2. An energy behind the right eye. The removal went pretty quickly. I didn't feel anything.


3. Then it got interesting: my twin brother who died in the womb had implanted himself in the cerebellum and from there has probably unwittingly been pestering me for the last 63 years. Here, however, Cornelius needed all his powers of persuasion to persuade him to switch to the lighter levels.


4. In the karmic area there was still a burden from my grandfather, who probably did something that he shouldn't have done (possibly he killed someone - I can't check that because the extensive documents of our genealogical research are silent about it ). Cornelius could and was allowed to quickly remove this burden.


Then he told me that now his real work begins. I thought to myself, if the work starts now, maybe it was all just fun before. That would then be a strange understanding of pleasure for me.


Anyway, I had to place my left hand palm up on my left thigh and he mentally positioned his hand with fingertips on my wrist. Then it got more than violent, it shook me inside, touched me emotionally and I felt the need to breathe deeply into my stomach. After the treatment, Cornelius confirmed to me that he felt an exceptionally strong healing current.


I am still impressed with this treatment. Whether it has or will have an influence on the migraine or the frequency of the migraine (one becomes modest over time), I cannot say yet, but I immediately had the desire to all of you who resonated with my story going to offer a strengthening of the self-healing powers by Cornelius.

Warm greetings



According to the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court, healers are allowed to keep a guest book page. Energetic healers are not covered by the Heilpraktikergesetz, because it is clear that something completely different is at stake here. Prayer and asking for healing are the only means used by a healer, so by law no classic healing, only for those who are interested. To make it even clearer, the Heilpraktikergesetz does not apply to priests either.

"However, the medical evaluation of the activity of "spiritual healers" is of no importance for the applicability of the Medicines Advertising Act and the determination of the protective purposes pursued with it."

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