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Training to be
Energetic Healer

The medicine of the 21st century is energy medicine. While Isaac Newton's world view was decisive in the last century, the world is a kind of machine and everything is somehow calculable, this has changed radically with the discovery of quantum physics, we now know:

Everything is energy. The observer causes the changes just by observing.

His healing approach starts on the level of energy - if everything is energy, why not make the changes directly to the energy. Incorrectly directed or blocked energies correlate with the physical and mental problems. On the energy level one can solve these problems by using the


Cornelius van Lessen Systems

Cornelius has been able to heal thousands of people from all over the world energetically through his findings and the time is right now to learn from him and become an energetic healer yourself.

In a few months you can help countless people and perform miracles. The age and the extent of the suffering of your client do not matter. And: You heal your own ailments as if by yourself!

Are you a therapist, naturopath, masseur or physiotherapist?

Or did you always know that you can heal people or animals and would like to
learn a clear and simple system?

Then you are right here.

You will work on levels you may not have known existed. After that you can work from anywhere in the world without any tools and become completely free and independent.

Find out more about training today

In the six-day training course with certification you will learn:

  • To "see" people, to perceive energies and to be able to change them.

  • You perform "miracles" by learning to remove disturbing energies.

  • You can immediately perceive the changes made and thus also distinguish whether the problem is physical or psychological.

  • You will also learn how to dissolve energetic curses and curses. The treated people feel relieved from a great burden. The mood brightens after a few moments of the treatment.

  • You recognize the root cause of long-standing problems.

  • You heal karma from past lives. Because events from previous lives still determine our existence today.

  • You release karma from the time of pregnancy.

  • You release the clients from the karma of the ancestors.

  • The client's body shows you the causes of the pain.

The Cornelius van Lessen system

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Basics of Healing

In the first part we take care of the basics of healing and also practically, the nerves and bones. Especially the back, hips, shoulders, knees.


Physical healing

The second part is about the whole body, blood, sense organs, internal organs like heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys etc.

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Psychic Healing

The third part deals with psychological issues such as depression, melancholy, fears, listlessness, sadness, anger and much more.

There is the possibility to regularly participate in group meetings via zoom call. In the Facebook group you can exchange ideas with like-minded people and also practice within the group in a protected space.

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