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  • Do I have to believe in your technique?
    No you don't have to. Whether you believe in it or not is not decisive for my work.
  • If I feel so much better afterwards, can I skip the medication?
    No, here, too, the treatment should be continued by the doctor. A discussion and clarification with the doctor does no harm and I would recommend it.
  • Does scanning have anything to do with Reiki or other known techniques?
    No, it is a completely different approach and has nothing to do with it and is also not comparable.
  • Can you treat diseases?
    In Germany and other countries, treating diseases is reserved for doctors. That is a good thing. I only strengthen the self-healing powers. In the case of any illness, one should first consult the doctor and be thoroughly examined and treated. My support is the second step. The doctor has the responsibility and must keep it. He can only live up to that if you stick to his treatment.
  • After you scanned, the pain in that spot went away, but now it hurts in a different spot. Has the pain moved?
    No, the greater pain is the one we feel the most. If the pain in this area is resolved, other pains become noticeable.
  • How do I know it has worked?
    The pain is gone, you feel lighter and freer.
  • Do I need a preliminary talk?
    No, of course, brief information about the problems doesn't hurt. During the work you are passive - the energetic part does not need any cooperation.
  • Do I have to pay in advance?
    Yes, the account number is in the text above the booking and is also given with the confirmation.
  • I have not received a booking confirmation, has it been forgotten?
    No, the system sends them automatically. Please check your spam folder. Otherwise contact me by email.
  • I canceled the appointment, will I receive a confirmation?
    No, usually not. As soon as I see the notification, I usually cancel the appointment as well.
  • Can you cure this or any disease?
    No, diseases are treated by the doctor, I strengthen the self-healing powers, nothing more. Promises of healing are forbidden and I do not make them.
  • My husband, my brother, my friend have this or that problem, can you help?
    No, anyone who needs help has to call me themselves. No rule is without an exception, including young children, comatose patients and animals.
  • Why don't you help these people?
    There is a certain respect everyone deserves. I don't want to force anything on anyone who doesn't want to be healed.
  • Is one treatment enough?
    Sometimes one treatment is enough. You should notice a significant improvement after the first treatment, that's the benchmark.
  • It was better for a short time but then all the symptoms came back with a vengeance. Didn't it work then?
    Yes it has, and very well. Then you just need a new appointment to strengthen your self-healing powers again.
  • I live very far away, do you also treat by phone?
    Yes, that's more the rule than the exception.
  • I can't afford your treatment, what can we do?
    If I have the feeling that the statement is correct, then we will find a solution.
  • Is there such a thing as an initial aggravation?
    No, usually not. Exception would be e.g. B. a nerve tract that was not permeable before and then lets information through again in the healing process.
  • If I feel like it didn't work, do I get my money back?
    Usually yes, as a gesture of goodwill. This question mostly comes from people who have had a problem with the price before. Some simply lack a little patience - what has accumulated over many years should be dissolved in one session. Partial improvements are then not seen. Man is not a machine, sometimes it just takes several sessions.
  • Can you heal everything
    No, as a person I always do my best and try to do the impossible. The rest is in God's hands.
  • Do you speak other languages?
    Adequate English, that should be enough for a treatment, otherwise unfortunately no. In an emergency, we could organize a zoom session with a linguist to help.
  • Do I need to understand your language for it to help?
    No, because they are energies.
  • Do you train too?
    Yes, all dates in Energy-Move-de with Annely Günth.
  • What do you think of doctors?
    A lot, in many cases they do excellent analyses, they are needed. Without doctors, there are no life-saving measures.


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